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Own revenue in the AI & IOT Powered Retail of the future with MiniGO tokens

Join forces with the biggest brands in the world.
Fully transparent, Real income, Legally backed.

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What is MiniGO?

MiniGOs are next-gen autonomous marketplaces: we provide AI and IoT retail space for the region's strongest brands in physical locations.

Instead of buying and reselling the products like a traditional supermarket, our stores allow brands to directly sell to the consumer, cutting the middle man, driving up revenue and improving brand loyalty.

We focus on fast-moving consumer products from top brands, ensuring holders constant revenue.

Our revolutionary business model connects brands and Consumers like never seen before in cutting-edge stores powered with our Grab and Walk Out technology.
Consumers just enter the store, grab what they want and leave!

Do not miss out! Our token holders get monthly payments backed up by a Real bussiness's income.

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How it Works

How do you get revenue?

Invest and get monthly yields from autonomous supermarkets
Be more than a customer, get a slice of the pie.

We collect Store Revenue

4% (for the first 5 years; 2% after) of total store revenue per month is for token holders

We swap them for USDC Tokens

Regardless of what the country's currency is, you will get USDC stablecoin every month.

We distribute across holders

For every token you own you will get dividends, the more you own, the more you receive. You can trade or sell your tokens at any time, they are yours!

Be part of the future

Our stores

Opening Soon

AR MiniGO 0001

Concepcion Arenal 2947
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tokens 10000
ICO Price $12.75
Expected Yield 13.09% APY
Open Date December 01, 2021
Token payment Starts January 2022
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AR MiniGO 0002

Aryes Villa
Pilar - Argentina

Tokens 10000
ICO Price $12.75
Expected Yield 13.09% APY
Open Date January 15, 2022
Token payment Starts February 2022

Now renting

AR MiniGO 0003

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tokens 10000
ICO Price $15
Expected Yield 13.09% APY
Open Date February 15, 2022
Token payment Starts April 2022

Supported by

  • Logo Coca Cola

    Coca Cola

    World's biggest brand

  • Logo Arcor


    Leader in sweet snacks and candies in latin america

  • Unilever

    World's biggest FMCG manufacturer

  •  Logo Molinos Río de la Plata

    Molinos Río de la Plata

    South America's biggest Food manufacturer
  • Logo ABinBev


    World's biggest beer manufacturer

  • Logo Tregar


    3rd strongest milk-based products seller in Argentina

Frequently Asked Questions

A MiniGO Token is a digital asset that any person or company can own and represents a revenue participation certificate.
What makes MiniGO Token unique is that holders collect revenue from MiniGO stores.
In terms of accountability, MiniGO Tokens are intangible assets that profit from a specific MiniGO Store revenue. In legal terms, this model is known as usufruct.
Every month we calculate the store's revenue and distribute 4%* of it to holders. The payout is done in fiat currency tokens as USDC.
A total of 10000 tokens are created per store. and each one grant to holder the participation right to collect 4% of monthly revenue according to the quantity of tokens owned
You can own as many tokens of any store you want, thus getting dividends from a real business every month.
Don't miss your chance to get into an innovative business model. Get MiniGO Tokens today!

MiniGO Token is available for almost everyone to invest in.
All citizens of European and North and South American countries, and most of Asian countries, can sign up and invest with us.
The only countries that MinIGOToken does NOT work with are the following:
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of Congo
North Korea
South Sudan

FMCG has been a cornerstone of building wealth since the early 1960s with global companies like Wal-Mart, Carrefour and DIA.
With the birth of the Internet, Retail began a huge transformation process, and Retail 2.0 sprang to life.
In this revolution information about consumers purchase habits appeared, opening the door for smart applications or Big data.
What didn't change in Retail 2.0?
Despite technological leaps, wealthy players with assets to buy and open supermarkets have always been the same.
In the second decade of the 21st century, MiniGO is disrupting the status quo with the birth of Retail 3.0.
Retail 3.0 is driven by 4 factors: FMCG Brands with D2C strategies, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT.

Fractional ownership in Retail is an idea that has become a reality with the advent of blockchain and MiniGO tokenization that enables it.
If you think fractional Retail sounds strange, consider how common fractional ownership is in other investment classes, like the stock market.
Why shouldn't investors have the same golden opportunity to own a fraction of an Autonomous-Store like MiniGO?
Why shouldn't a consumer become a fractional owner a FMCG Retail Store?
MiniGO believes that fractional ownership can become the next big step in Retail by harnessing the power blockchain in the form of tokenized MiniGO Stores.

MiniGO makes it easy for everyone. Just prove your ID, inform your USDC address to receive your revenue fraction every month. So your account is active, and you can browse to buy MiniGO tokens at any available location paying with a credit card, debit card or Cryptocurrency.
Then add MiniGO Tokens to your preferred wallet. You can buy just one MiniGO token or large quantities to own a MinIGO store.

You own your tokens. Feel free to transfer, gift, trade or hold them. This is enabled and backed by a blockchain system and exchanged along with a distributed ledger technology.

No, GO2FUTURE manages each MiniGO Store.
Our collaborators have years of experience and skills in retail, management and FMCG business.
Our team manages each MiniGO to get the highest revenue on the owner's behalf.
We deal with store management, reception of goods, placement and replacement on shelves, customer service, negotiation with the Vendors and store maintenance, so the owners don't have to.

Each MiniGO Store is distributed across a finite number of 10.000 representative tokens. It means 10,000 fractions represent the total value of a MiniGO Store. Based on token share, owners can collect 4% of total revenue.
Fractional ownership democratizes access to invest in Retail business, and therefore distributes and minimizes the risks and labor involved with owning a whole Store. And MiniGOToken makes it even simpler.
With blockchain, you will receive the payment using a US-Dollar stablecoin, sent to your USDC wallet.

You have real-time access to check revenue per day, month, category of products and see the money you are collecting.

Every 1st day of the month you are going to receive your income in USDC according with the money your tokens collected in the previous month.

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Concepcion Arenal 2947
Capital Federal, Argentina